Get Help With Orlando Snakes

Orlando snake

If you need help identifying a snake you found in Orlando, just email me a photo or two of the snake, to and I will identify it for you.

NEED EMERGENCY SNAKE REMOVAL? Remember, most of the snakes of Orlando, FL are harmless and good to have around! But if you have a snake situation in which you need help, below are some resources. Examples in which you may want help include:

  • A venomous Orlando snake on your property or in your house
  • A snake stuck inside your home, or pool, or garage, etc.
  • A snake that is aggressive or concerns you in some way
  • A nest of snakes on your property or even in your attic

FREE HELP: Orange County Animal Control: 407-836-3111

FREE HELP: Orlando Police Department: 407-246-2470

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Servicing both residential and commercial properties, our years of experience have taught us a thing or two about removing problem snakes. No job is too big or too small and we cover the entire district with local technicians who are trained in the latest techniques, after attending the latest training seminars, and will work to resolve your problem using the latest equipment and training. Our mission is to provide the best quality of humane removal and give our customers the best quality service. Something our customers agree we are doing with the consistent 5* ratings we receive. We specialize in removing snakes from your home or business, prevent re-entry thanks to the latest barriers and nets, and then cleaning up the mess left after. When a snake enters your home, it can cause huge distress and trigger deep-seated fears and phobias; we will offer free advice over the phone and our technicians are often available the same day due to our network of local technicians. No job is too big or too small for our highly recommended wildlife removal team.

The above listed services might provide free Orlando snake removal, but maybe not. You may have to pay a company. Give the county animal control and police a call, and see. Read our article about:
How Do Snakes Smell